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1048 104th Street

Naperville, IL 60564

Naperville Dentist Invisalign

Invisalign: A Revolutionary Way to Improve Your Smile


Leftx200.jpgEverybody wants to have straighter teeth, but nobody wants to wear unsightly braces and metal wires. The discomfort that they bring is sometimes enough to dissuade us from getting the smiles we have always dreamed of. Modern technology, fortunately, has brought us an excellent solution through Invisalign. The patented revolutionary system uses a set of near-invisible aligners, so patients are more comfortable about wearing the necessary oral equipment that will lead to brighter smiles all the time.

Maple Park Dental Care is committed to harnessing the benefits offered by Invisalign for every patient that comes through our doors. Spearheaded by a trusted dentist in Dr. Julie Romanelli, we provide:

  • A comprehensive treatment plan. Invisalign promises a lot of rewards, but it must meet certain requirements before it can be recommended to a patient. When approved, it follows a step-by-step process including taking dental photographs and X-rays to ensure a personalized treatment plan. We examine your medical history and oral conditions to ensure that you are right for the procedure, and subsequently map out a custom plan for you.
  • A competent approach. We stand behind Invisalign’s trusted name, and we operate according to its goal of giving all users straighter and healthier teeth. Our dentists complete the necessary training and certification critical to providing this treatment safely and effectively. Our practice also stays on top of developments and updates so that we can continue delivering competent dental care.

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Achieve the smile that will light up your face through Invisalign, and be assured of comfort and ease throughout the duration of the treatment. Get in touch with Maple Park Dental Care at (630) 687-9200 today to schedule a consultation. We promise you of dealing with a professional dental team that will work toward delivering a customer experience founded in your satisfaction, and optimal dental health.

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