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Dentist in Neperville CEREC

cerec_logo.gifDespite a person’s best efforts at keeping his teeth healthy and intact, damage to the teeth may still happen due to several factors. These include normal wear and tear of teeth, gum diseases, and habits like smoking and drinking colored beverages.

cerec_machine.jpgTo prevent affecting the remaining good teeth, the gums and the jaw bone, many prefer to get dental restoration treatments. Dental solutions in the past years are still effective, but from an aesthetic standpoint, they aren’t among the best. These restorative procedures are geared more toward restoring damaged teeth and preventing complications to one’s oral health rather than helping one look appealing.

Fortunately, CEREC® technology is now available, which significantly helps make the restoration of damaged teeth more convenient and economical. CEREC®, short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, involves the use of durable ceramic material that looks and feels like real teeth to fix different types of damage.

Commonly performed in about an hour or within one dental appointment, the CEREC® restoration procedure involves taking scans of the damaged tooth or teeth using highly specialized equipment. Through these scans, a highly durable ceramic restoration is produced, which can be easily applied to the damaged tooth within the same appointment.

Readily available at the point of treatment, the chair side procedure can be done even within a dental emergency, with no amount of precision being compromised. This means that when you receive CEREC® dental restorations from Maple Park Dental Care, you quickly receive a ceramic restoration that is completely compatible with the tissue in your mouth and allows us to save more of the healthy part of your tooth, all within one appointment.

CEREC® restorations are also metal-free, meaning there are no unsightly silver fillings to discolor your smile. It is made of high-grade material which is anti-abrasive and plaque resistant, so you can enjoy its use for a very long time.\


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For more information on our one-visit crowns, and to schedule an appointment, contact Maple Park Dental Care today at (630) 687-9200.

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