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Oral Care: How A Dentist in Naperville IL Removes a Wisdom Tooth?

oral1.jpgA perfect set of adult teeth comprises 32 teeth spread up and down. Taking care of them is the utmost priority to fully grind food to highly digestible pieces, among other functions. At the edges of each set is the so-called wisdom tooth or third molars. In many cases, wisdom teeth are the last of the permanent teeth to fully erupt.

However, the wisdom teeth’s growth is not an exact science. As they form late in the creation of the set, usually when a person reaches the early 20s, they have a tendency to never emerge from the gums fully. In some instances, their development causes them to impact the adjacent teeth to the latter’s detriment.

There are situations wherein the wisdom tooth itself contributes to tooth decay because debris is wedged between them and hard to remove. To prevent further damage to the rest of the teeth, consider seeking extraction from a trusted dentist in Naperville IL like one at Maple Park Dental.

 Wisdom teeth are usually determined by X-ray scans and a cast. The dentist uses the images to analyze the teeth’s condition and possible impact angles, particularly if the subject tooth is out of alignment. Once extraction is recommended for the target tooth, the dentist will advise the patient to prepare for the surgery such as weaning off any smoking in the run-up.

The extraction will be performed using local or general anesthesia; the operation takes up to 30 minutes at most. The patient will be asked to bite into a gauze pad placed over the now-vacant spot. A liquid diet may be recommended after the surgery.

oral2.jpgThe pain after wisdom tooth extraction can be alleviated through painkillers. However, the process has number of long-term benefits. First, the back teeth lose pressure from the impaction and help open up spaces for regular cleaning. The chances of dental caries in the adjacent tooth may also decrease, especially if there’s a minimum level of impaction.

If simply left in place, a wisdom tooth out of alignment can lead to tougher problems with teeth as a person ages. A reputable dentist in Naperville IL will make sure your oral care remains in tip-top shape.

Naperville Dentist | Oral Care: How A Dentist in Naperville IL Removes a Wisdom Tooth?. Julie Romanelli is a Naperville Dentist.